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Repairs and Maintenance: Who is Responsible?

When it comes to the repair and maintenance of a strata-titled property, the general rule applies – the lot owner is responsible for anything contained within the airspace of the individual lot, and the owner’s corporation is responsible for everything outside the airspace, otherwise known as common property. However, most of the time the confusion lies in identifying what is considered to be common property and what is otherwise lot property.

Unless otherwise displaced by notations on the registered strata plan or, by way of exclusive use by-laws in favour of on or more lot owners, the below list is a quick and simple guide published by NSW Fair Trading listing to assist you in recognising who bares responsibility for the repair and maintenance of specific parts of your building:

  • Balconies: Balconies fall under the responsibility of the owner’s corporation.
  • Carpets: The owner must repair and maintain carpets in the lot, while the owner’s corporation deals with common property carpets, such as carpets in common area hallways.
  • Ceiling: The owner’s corporation must fix beyond the surface lining of the ceilings.
  • Light Fittings: If it hangs into the lot, repairs fall onto the owner. If it is recessed in the ceiling, it becomes the responsibility of the owner’s corporation.
  • Garage Roller Door: Repairs to boundary roller doors is dealt with by the owner’s corporation.
  • Tiles: Tiles on internal walls are the owner’s responsibility, whilst original tiles on boundary walls and floors are the responsibility of the owner’s corporation.
  • Walls: If the wall is within the lot, the owner must repair it. Repairs to boundary walls are the responsibility of the owner’s corporation.

The above list is to be understood as a generic rule but by no means be treated as gospel, for even these areas may fall subject to interpretation. Therefore, we would encourage you to always check with your strata managing agent to avoid any disputes around the “grey areas” of building maintenance.

Wellman Strata has a dedicated Repairs and Maintenance team to assist you in coordinating the maintenance and repair of common property. To request a quote or for more information, please contact one of our experienced strata managers via our contact form, email or directly call +61 8065 6575.

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